Monday, June 9, 2008

A Random Act of Kindness

This post was sent in via our website:

I have the great pleasure of sometimes checking out Kelly Lang and T.G. Sheppard when they eat at Cracker Barrel here in town. These two are a joy to wait on. I was raised on country music and so enjoy seeing them come in.

I just wanted to say thank you to Kelly. I had no idea that they were working on a show like this. I am too busy waiting for her CD to appear in our Cracker Barrel store!

She absolutely made my day today and I grinned from ear to ear the rest of my shift. I have always loved her sunglasses. It seems to be a little trademark of hers. She will come in with them on her face or propped up on her head, and I just love her style.

Today she took her sunglasses off the top of her head and said, “I want to give these to you as a gift.” I was in shock! I have never had anyone do anything like that for me. It brought me to tears. I had been having a rough day because of something that had happened to my daughter. So I just broke into some tears of the thought of her doing that for me. That was straight from her heart. I think I hugged her twice, but I could have hugged her more! I was so moved that I can’t even put it into words.

It wasn’t the sunglasses. Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE THEM (and boy did I model and show them off the rest of the day). But honestly, it was the act of kindness of her giving me something of hers that she knew I would enjoy. She remembered me commenting on them, and that was so sweet in itself. I’m just a Cracker Barrel employee, but she must truly notice people and listen. There doesn’t seem to be enough of that in all of us, but she is practicing what will soon be airing in her show. She did something for me that I will always remember, something that she didn’t have to do, but something that she knew would mean so much to me. It truly was a beautiful thing to do.

I hope that she gets this message. She is truly doing what her new show is about. This may sound simple to others, but this act of kindness truly made my day, and it really, really blessed me. And if we could do something each day or each week for someone that gives them the same feeling Kelly gave me, what blessings we could be to others. Every time I wear these sunglasses, it will remind me what she did for me, and help me to remember to look for someone daily that I can bless.

Thanks so much Kelly, and I can’t wait for your CD to hit our stores!

God Bless,

Kim Robinson, Cashier at Hendersonville Cracker Barrel